"Back To School" campaign

My first personal project - custom campaign (aka mod) for Left 4 Dead 2 game.

"Back To School" was founded by me and my friend and brought to life by the team of students in spare time. 

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"Back To School" is an extensive custom campaign (mod) for Left 4 Dead 2 game. It contains six huge, detailed new levels (for both Versus and Coop modes), ten brand new "panic events" and dozens of new game assets. This mod was made in spare time during several of my university years. It's my first personal project and my first experience as a leader of small development team.

Campaign was warmly welcomed by L4D gamers community and critically acclaimed. Right now it is one of the most popular campaigns in Left 4 Dead 2 workshop with more than 200 000 subscribers and THE MOST popular collection in workshop of all time. It is also one of the most popular campaigns on Gamemaps.com with more than 1 million views.

In the spring of 2013 "Back To School" got recognized by Valve Software as one of the four best campaigns in L4D2 Workshop and was hosted on the official L4D2 servers until the end of the year.

Campaign is avaliable for download from

L4D2 Workshop



Despite the fact that "Back To School" is only a mod, our team was always serious about campaign's development media releases and was always very open with L4D gamers community. Therefore "Back To School" got attention from gaming press from the very beginning. Many sites followed the development of the campaign, but I'll put links only to the most respected publications here.

"Back To School" was mentioned twice in the PC Gamer magazine (scan of both pages above). First time it was only a small note just a few months after the start of the development. Second time though, already after release, campaign received the first place in "Top ten downloads" and full page in the magazine.

Campaign was also referenced during the PC Gamer Podcast and recommended by PC Gamer site.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun have mentioned "Back To School" campaign on their site twice too - in the midst of the development and after release. But the finest recommendation that campaign received in my opinion was from the Destructoid.

"Back To School" was founded by me and my friend and brought to life by the team of students in their spare time. Campaign took us almost three years to finish. There were twelve people total in our team, but only four of them were constantly involved. Other eight people helped us with secondary tasks (models, textures, sounds, playtests, etc.) from time to time.

As one of the two team leaders I was working on a game design in general, tasks management in the team, creation of promotional articles and communications with L4D gamers community. As a level designer I've created "The Forest", "The Cinema" and "The Church" levels entirely, I've also built big parts of "The Railroad Station" and "The School" levels.

On top of my main work as a team leader and level designer I've also managed to try a few other roles. I've created dozens of environment models and materials for my levels. I was involved in sound design and game scripting. Finally, I've created all of the custom particle effects for the campaign.

Extra Info:

"Back To School: Developer Diaries" video series can be found here. Other videos by various youtubers about the campaign can be found here. Detailed playthrough of the campaign can be found here.