Fifth level of "Back To School" custom campaign. Made on Source Engine 2009.

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"The Church" is a fifth level of "Back To School" custom campaign for Left 4 Dead 2 game and a third level that I've designed and created from scratch for the campaign. This is a large outdoor urban level with several shopping streets, courtyards, church park and church itself to explore. Level contains two new custom "panic events", the first one is pretty standard, but the second one is absolutely unique for Left 4 Dead series. In this event players have to ride in the back of a truck through the city and to loot several stores for supplies, while chased by the horde of infected. Detailed playthrough of this level can be found here.

"When the hell poured out on streets, people began to look for three things - weapons, food and safety. Our heroes found weapons in the police station, now it's time to find supplies. Looting... This fate awaits every survivor during the apocalypse. But we mustn't forget, that looters are being punished by both state machine, and God's hand. Fight near church's walls will be a lesson for our foursome, but after that, they were still able to find peace in another temple - in the temple of money."