Fourth level of "Back To School" custom campaign. Made on Source Engine 2009.

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"The Cinema" is a fourth level of "Back To School" custom campaign for Left 4 Dead 2 game and a second level that I've designed and created from scratch for the campaign. This is mostly an indoor level where players have to explore two large buildings - police station that was caught on fire and abandoned movie theater. Level contains two new custom "panic events" and two main paths for survivors team. Active path and panic event both are determined by player's skill and can be changed accordingly. Detailed playthrough of this level can be found here.

"Is there any hope? The police station is on fire, and no one knows who made a greater contribution. Were it the insane infected? Or was it a mad war machine? But we must move forward. Away from the stench of burning corpses! The road is leading us through city blocks to the shining lights of the cinema. But time is running out, the military are starting to clean up the city and our four survivors soon will be caught between the upper and the nether millstone. Another lesson here: hell is paved with good intentions!"